April and Ryan’s Nelson BC wedding was a group effort, a collaboration inspired by the richness and depth of their love. Many friends banded together to take on various aspects of planning and putting on this glorious Kootenay Corner Gardens wedding, because that’s the kind of people that April and Ryan attract. The joy and delight they beam out into the world makes April and Ryan absolutely magnetic people.

april and ryan celebrating their love with a hora dance at kootenay corner gardens after their cermony

A Kootenay Corner Gardens Wedding Ceremony

Documentary wedding photography is a modern approach to photography that’s rooted in photojournalism. This is a style of wedding photography that focuses on capturing your wedding day as it unfolds naturally, in all its unscripted, candid beauty.  Documentary wedding photography embraces unposed and authentic moments, like the laughter shared between cousins, a tearful hug with […]

What is Documentary Wedding Photography?