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Documentary Family Photography

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Sandy hair all summer long; licking the cake batter bowl in Grandma’s kitchen; dirty knees at soccer games.

The memories you treasure rest on the foundation of safety and connectedness you are creating together. 

—pause for awesome.

You are creating something so incredible with your family, right now—all the time! This bond you’re making is the template for human flourishing. And you’re already doing it!

I document that.

Your family is growing up as we speak—the waves of time will continue to unwaveringly progress onwards. 

First, they’re crawling, then they’re walking—but then they’re talking, kissing a boy, passing their road test, graduating from high school, taking a gap year abroad, and going to university, 8 hours away!

Do you want vivid memories of it all?

Nelson BC | East & West Kootenays

I photograph the safe place you create together through connectedness.

For Playful, Explorative Families

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How can you be sure you’ll remember it all when they grow up?How can you be sure you’ll do the best job you can do as a parent? What will keep you centred on what matters most?

Documentary family photography is a great way to intentionally deepen your connection with your loved ones.

When you see photographs of your family being themselves; connected with each other; safe, sound and in-love-with-life; your foundation of safety and connectedness becomes more real. 

When you see photographs that feel how it actually feels to be safe and connected with your family, you also feel alive, full of meaning, and grounded in what matters. 

You’ll feel seen, accepted, and inspired.

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Documentary Family Photography

Kootenay Documentary Family Photography

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All the memories, all the feels!

This is how it works.

Our first conversation is all about getting to know each other, and I'll learn about the experiences that have brought you and your family closer together. We'll talk about what you love doing together, what your family values are, and what kind of experiences you want to create for your family. A documentary family session could be based around an experience you already have planned, or we can plan a new one! Every session is a real experience that you will fondly remember over time—except you'll also have beautiful photographs to make that sanctuary of flourishing even more vivid.

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"Thomas has the great ability to make people feel comfortable, which allows him to capture unique moments in his photographs."

~ Christian