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Hi there! I'm Thomas.

Do you want to experience all the richness of life with your loved ones, while feeling mutually seen, accepted, and loved? Do you want to be totally present with your spouse, family, and friends, and create delightful experiences together?

Do you want to see photographs regularly that reflect this beautiful sanctuary of intimacy you have with them? Photos that show the way you've created a safe space to play together with complete freedom?

I create photographs of you and your loved ones seeing, accepting, and enjoying one another. I provide this experience so you can keep appreciating your relationships, the most meaningful thing we can have in life, and truly relish in the opportunities to play every day!

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Lesser-known facts about me:

1. I develop my own B&W film, and I ran a boutique film processing lab for 2 years 

2. My wife Meagan and I love playing with our two quirky kitties, Matty and Phoebe

3. I am a specialty coffee nerd: on my adventure to Europe in my early 20s, I visited 42 different cafes in 5 countries (and just one art gallery)

4. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, which brings light to my love for the urgency, novelty, and excitement of wedding photography

5. I was raised outside of any organized religion, but now I attend an Eastern Orthodox Christian church

6. My parents owned a record store until I was 2. They dutifully filled my growing ears with every conceivable genre of music as I grew up. Now my favourite genre is hip-hop, and Kendrick Lamar is my favourite artist.

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Get In Touch

Let's chat about your story.

I started photographing weddings and families mostly by accident about 8 years ago. I had a film camera I took with me everywhere, and I was obsessed with documenting everything that happened. This meant I was also documenting the lives of my friends, my family, and my friends’ families. 

However, it really wasn’t until six years ago when I met my wife, Meagan, and we started building our lives together that I discovered how deeply meaningful documentary photography was to me. It initially had nothing to do with photography: it was about relationships. Meagan and I were creating a sanctuary for each other in our relationship. We slowly began to reveal to each other, unknowingly, that we were totally seen, loved, and accepted by the other (in the beautiful, exceedingly messy way that this happens in a relationship.)

I had a deep fear that it was impossible for me to be truly secure with someone—and having that fear shattered left me in awe of what was really possible. This foundation was the launchpad from which we get to blast off into a totally epic life, exploring the world and allowing our playful selves to be, but it consists of the daily loving interactions, big and super-small, that make our nervous systems experience each other (and the world) as a safe place.

And that’s what is inspiring to me about you! You are creating this incredible sanctuary in your relationships. In this sanctuary, you are each safe to be yourselves, and this creates the opportunity for each of you to be the most amazing version of yourself, now and in the future.

That’s why I document the sanctuary that is forming through your bond. If you get to see that safety, hold it close to your heart, and keep it in your mind, the rejuvenating power of that safe place will give you immense freedom and energy to be all that you can be. How cool!

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