Husband, Nelson BC Wedding Photographer, Cat Dad

Hi there! I'm Thomas.

Do you want to experience all the richness of life with your loved ones, while feeling mutually seen, accepted, and loved? Do you want to be totally present with your spouse, family, and friends, and create delightful experiences together?

Do you want to see photographs regularly that reflect this beautiful sanctuary of intimacy you have with them? Photos that show the way you've created a safe space to play together with complete freedom?

I create photographs of you and your loved ones seeing, accepting, and enjoying one another. I provide this experience so you can deepen your relationships, the most meaningful thing we can have in life, and truly relish in the opportunities to play every day!

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Trivia about me...

I attend an Eastern Orthodox Church

I develop my own B&W film, and ran a film lab for 2 years 

My wife Meagan and I love playing with our two kitties, Matty and Phoebe

I am a specialty coffee nerd: during my adventure to Europe in my early 20s, I visited 42 different cafes in 5 countries

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, which brings light to my love for the urgency, novelty, and excitement of wedding photography

My favourite genre of music is hip-hop, and Kendrick Lamar is my favourite artist

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Let's chat about your story.


Top-Notch Storytelling For Golden Memories


A Comfortable and Unobtrusive Experience


Photography True to your faith and To your values


My Photographs Have been Internationally Recognized 


a Phenomenal Listener and a Natural Coach


You want a Christian Photographer with a Symbolic Worldview

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