I photograph so you can remember that you're safe and loved. I document playful connection so you can remember to experience the delight that life offers in every moment. So you can remember who you love and remain rooted in who you are!

I document experiences of connection and delight for playful, explorative people!

Hi. I'm Thomas.

He/HiM. Documentary Wedding and Family Photographer

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Life is a beautiful, joyful, awe-inspiring hot mess. It feels all the ways, and that's how you know you’re alive! Your people are there with you—feeling all the things, too. And that's a story worth documenting.

"How were you everywhere at once!?"

"We were so in awe with your ability to get so many shots so seamlessly."

~ April & Ryan

Your wedding is going to be chock-full of absolutely precious moments. Tender ones, silly ones, heartfelt ones, playful ones—they might seem unforgettable at first, but they are truly fleeting.

Without skillful documentation and intentional rituals of remembrance, these priceless experiences are at risk of being lost in the shifting sands of time.

I photograph the delight and playfulness you experience on your wedding day, so you never forget it!

Documentary photography emphasizes the growing foundation of safety and freedom in your bond, and inspires you to focus on what matters most: the people you love. Just you and your loved ones being yourselves is beautiful and sacred!

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Real Relationships, Real Moments, Real Photographs

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I custom-tailor packages just for you

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Do you desire the flow and authenticity of documentary photography for your wedding? Do you want a natural and unobtrusive experience with your photographer, without any distractions? Do you want your entire wedding captured in a beautiful, timeless, and unique way? If so, hooray! I build options for you based on the dream experience you shared with me, and you choose the one that best fulfills your wishes. With a signed contract and a deposit, you’re officially booked!

Step 4

As a full-service photographer, I also guide you through the printing process. After your wedding has come and gone, and the memories are just beginning to get that nostalgic patina on them, I'll be wrapping up your gallery and sharing your photos with you. Once you've had time to experience the waves of emotion that seeing your photos bring, you'll make selections of your favourites, and I will help you lay out your album and choose prints for your walls. The story of your love never stops—it's really just begun.

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Fill out the contact form

If you resonate with the experience I provide for my couples, hit that button and fill out my contact form. It’ll give us both useful information about what’s important to you, so we can see if we’re a perfect fit for each other. When I get in touch with you (within a day) we’ll set up a time to meet. This first meeting is where we’ll learn more about each other: your goals, your values, and what constitutes the wedding of your dreams.

Your stories, on your walls

Ready to get started?

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We’ll meet multiple times as your wedding approaches to go over your schedule, any concerns or questions you have, and all the moments you’re most looking forward to. If you’ve chosen a package with an engagement session, we do that before you need photos for your website and invites. By the time your wedding finally arrives, we feel like friends. I’ll blend in with your guests and capture scores of priceless moments, sealing the sanctuary of love and connection that you are building together with photographs you can cherish forever. All the laughs, waves of emotion, and precious memories are yours to experience again and again.

Dream wedding, here we come!

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