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Documentary Wedding Photography

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Does the idea of posing and cheesing at a camera make you feel like your skin is going to crawl right off your body?

If you value being in the present moment, posing might feel awkward and fake. The hard truth is that if you feel gross when you're getting your portrait taken, you're going to be reminded of that every single time you look at that portrait!

That is why I offer a documentary approach: so you can enjoy the whole day without distractions, and know that you'll have a faithful photographic record of it for generations to come.

Do you want a photographer who shares your faith, or at least understands your values? Someone who will be able to appreciate the sacramental meaning of your wedding? Someone you can trust, who will celebrate with you all day and night?

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An intentional approach to your wedding photography

For playful Life-Partners

The Ideal Wedding Photography Experience:

Do you want to feel present, at-ease, and encouraged to fully experience everything on your wedding day?

I melt into the background of your wedding like a friend with a camera. I photograph what happened so you can remember what it felt like to be there—warmly surrounded by your loved ones, making the courageous move to be permanently connected with each other.

The most important thing for your wedding photography experience is that you are totally seen, completely accepted, and unabashedly celebrated for who you are and who you are becoming. 

If that’s the experience you’re looking for, then this is a match made in heaven.


Documented, Not Staged

You should be able to remember everything, so I'll be there for everything.

Wait, don't we need to pay extra for that?

Nope! My packages start at 8 hours and include a buffer that goes into the evening, depending on how raucous your festal celebrations become. There is no charge for extra hours within that buffer—you can rest assured that as long as there's action, it'll be documented.

For All-Out Life-Live'rs

All-Day Experience

Printing your photographs can be overwhelming, especially if you're doing it on your own. Some people put it off for years!

I offer the option of a movie-night slideshow experience for your first viewing of your wedding photos. This allows me to make note of your reactions to each photograph, so I can make the best recommendations when I lay out your wedding album and help you choose which photos to print. I also help you select places in your home for your prints, and I personally install them on your walls!

BECAUSE Photographs Are Meant to Be Printed

Full-Service Print Guidance

Documentary Wedding Photography
NELSON BC and Beyond

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We highly recommend Thomas to anyone seeking a photographer who not only captures stunning images, but also adds an incredible energy to the entire experience.

~ Emma & Quinn