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Documentary Wedding Photography

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Does the idea of posing and cheesing at a camera make you feel like your skin is going to crawl right off your body?

If you value being in the present moment, portraits and poses are probably going to make you feel super fake and lame. If that's true for you when you're getting your portrait taken, it's also going to be true every single time you look at that portrait! It's hard cheese to swallow—but it's best to figure that out sooner than later.

I know you really want to pick the right photographer. After all, once you leave the venue the photos are all you have left.

Have you thought about what you really value? Do you appreciate relational safety and playful exploration? What about authenticity and the little things?

Are you having a hard time finding a photographer who shares your values?

Nelson BC | East & West Kootenays

Don't ever forget how incredible it really felt to get married!

For playful Life-Partners

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Now you can stop searching.

The safety and connectedness you are building together is so inspiring to me. It's happening all the time, right now. You're drawing nearer to each other every second you share together.

But your wedding day is like a diamond, a densely compressed gem of joy, relationality, and promise all wrapped up in a single, unforgettable rotation of the earth. 

Your wedding day is charged with meaning.

The first time you touch that day: the electric goosebumps. The stillness when you sense guests' feet crunching gravel up the driveway. The feeling of being seen, loved, and wanted for ever—like falling off a cliff and being caught again all at once.

If you choose to document it, you'll be unwrapping this gift for your whole life.

So, do you want vivid memories of the most important day in your shared history?

for real-live explorers

Documentary Wedding Photography

Do you want to feel totally present, at-ease, and able to experience everything on your wedding day? Do you want to find hundreds of stories in your photo gallery: stories you’ve told others since the wedding, and now you can actually see in a picture? What about the moments you didn’t even know were happening?

I melt into the background of your wedding, like a friend with a camera. I photograph what happened, so you can remember what it felt like to be there—warmly surrounded by your loved ones, making a huge, brave move to be deeply connected with each other. The only times I direct you are when you tell me you want me to. 

Do you like the sounds of documentary wedding photography?

I know above all, the most important thing for your wedding photography experience is that you are totally seen, completely accepted, and unabashedly celebrated for who you are. 

If that’s the experience you’re looking for, this is a match made in heaven.

Because Life is a beautiful hot mess.

Documented, not staged.

Documentary Wedding Photography
NELSON BC and Beyond

Your wedding is a real experience that you will fondly remember through the ages. Nothing staged—just real life, so you can be totally present with your spouse and your loved ones. The photographs reflect the safety and connection that forms as your relationships flourish, and they will guide you towards embodying your ideals more fully every single time you gaze at them. 

You and your partner are creating something incredible that will be the base of your entire life. That's the most inspiring, thrilling, and compelling thing to me. I can't wait to serve you in this pursuit!

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