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Photography Celebrating Connection

You should feel connected
when you see your photos.


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Your wedding is going to be so you.

You want someone who can capture the true beauty and meaning of the wedding day that you put so much effort into creating. 

Not just brides, grooms too. 

You deserve to be celebrated for who you are, and for the day you created together.

You know how important this is!

  • Set you at ease
  • Be someone you want to hang out with
  • Make breathtaking photos of your wedding day
  • Be able to get your attention, but also be invisible
  • Show you how beautiful you and your love are
  • Be your guide and fellow explorer
  • Capture the beauty in the little things

You deserve nothing less.

Your photographer should:


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Who can you trust?

I know what it feels like to want your wedding photography to be beautiful, but to be unsure who to trust with that extremely important job.

After 8 years of service, I can happily say that I've captured tens of thousands of precious moments for my clients. 

As one of the first vendors booked by a couple, I also walk them through the process of dreaming up their day, choosing other vendors, and making sure their wedding is going to be an amazing, unique, and incredibly meaningful day immune to hiccups.

That doesn't mean your day will go exactly as planned: it means that with a grounded guide, you'll be able to roll with all of it gracefully.

I only work with the people who would benefit from my unique process: celebrating your connection.

I am jacked in to a community of amazing photographers, and if you sound like you'd be better served by another artist, I'm going to send you to them. You have nothing to lose. 

You deserve the best. Book a call today.


First you fill out a questionnaire so I can make sure we are a good fit.

Then we book a discovery call where we'll talk about your dreams for your day, the challenges you expect to encounter, the ways my expertise can solve those problems, and the ways you want your photography to serve you forever.

Questionnaire + Meeting


We sign a contract, you pay a deposit, and I lock your date into my calendar.

We are officially in it for the long haul!

We set up a few more calls leading up to your wedding day. There are decisions to be made, and I'm here to support you 🌞

Contract + Deposit


We book your Connection Session.

This is a photo session before your wedding. It's the perfect place for us to get to know each other! We'll practice so that on the day of, you two will be pros in front of the camera. Plus, we'll make some stunning photos.

(The Connection Session is included in every package.)

Connection Session


As your wedding day approaches, we  talk to each other a lot, iron out all the things, and get you two feeling safe and sound for the upcoming day.

Communication + Tweaks


The wedding day is here!

It's beautiful, magical, meaningful, timeless, and authentic. You are pros now, remember, so you're relaxed(!) and you get to be fully present for all of it. My team captures every moment beautifully for you. 

You get a few sneak-peeks within a couple weeks, and your full gallery is ready within 3-6 months.

I Do's + Champagne!


You receive your full gallery, you choose your prints and maybe a selection for an album, and you pick spots in your home for them to live.

When the goods arrive you pop them up and enjoy the transformational power of their influence. You and your new spouse are reminded each day, and the spark of your bond is fanned into a vibrant and crackling fire.

Prints + Fire 🔥


What's the Process?


Ready to start your journey?

  • Heirloom Albums & Parent Albums
  • Second Photographer
  • Wedding Videography

Add Value:

  • Print Package ($200 value)
  • Connection Session ($549 value)
  • Coverage starts at 4 hours 
  • Shareable Online Gallery
  • 3 Planning Consultations
  • Print-Ready Digital Files

Elopements: $2499+

  • Print Package ($500 value)
  • Connection Session ($549 value)
  • Coverage starts at 5 hours
  • Shareable Online Gallery
  • 3+ Planning Consultations
  • Print-Ready Digital Files

Weddings: $3399+

My packages cover everything from short & sweet 4-hour elopements and 5-hour weddings to a totally uncompromising 10-hour wedding package, and all of them can be customized to add a beautiful heirloom-quality wedding album and more. Every package includes prints to keep you anchored long after the memory of the wedding has faded to a vague, rosy sweetness, and Print-Size Digital Files you can blow up to any size, for ever.

Wedding Investment


Choosing a wedding photographer is a serious decision. It's not one I took lightly when we chose our own wedding photographer, and you shouldn't take it lightly either.

You should apply to work with me if, and only if:

  • You value celebrating connection, commitment, and love
  • You are committed to your partner
  • You want a photographer who will respond ASAP
  • You want someone with years of experience who you will feel safe with on the wedding day
  • You believe in printed photographs
  • You want to build a relationship with a photographer who will be around to serve you as your family grows
  • You want a photographer who knows what it's like to be a groom

If you're yes to all of the above, yay!
SMASH the button below, and let's get to step one.

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